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“Great staff, great service. Definitely the best place in norwood for a haircut!”
– Sat D.

“One of the greatest environments to simply relax and get a haircut at the same time. Service is beyond that of any other business and you always leave feeling and looking better. You are able to enjoy your own flatscreen tv with great company. And the best part is the haircut is simply the best I ever have had and I refuse to get it cut anywhere else.”
– Jonathan
“I love this place! I bought a haircut as part of a coupon program, either BuyWithMe or Groupon, I can’t remember really, for about $15. My usual m.o. is to buy haircuts cheap and then switch around to the next place that offers a discount. No more though!
Aly, my stylist, does a great job cutting my hair and making me feel comfortable. You get a lot for your buck at this place. A shampoo and condition pre- and post-cut as well as a hot towel on your face and a scalp massage during the post-cut wash. The post-cut wash is key since who likes to go home with hair all over your neck…..not me. The last time I went, the massage therapist wasn’t busy so she gave me a complimentary hand massage while I was getting my post-cut shampoo. You also get a neck shave with hot shaving cream and can sip a drink while you are there. It hasn’t been really busy when I’ve been there so you could probably just walk in pretty easily. Best of all the price is only about $35.
For a quick, all around quality haircut experience for guys, Knockouts is great! Highly recommended.”
– Chris L.
“Outstanding service, great cuts, friendly stylists and super relaxing! I’ve gone to stylists who cost 2x as much (Dallas, LA) and they are nowhere is good. This place is a wonderful, affordable treat.”
– Rich D.
“I have been coming to Knockouts in norwood since it opened. To be honest, I was shy about walking in, but I felt instantly at home. The people that work there are nice and always have a great big smile on their faces. The haircuts are top-notch and the other services are highly professional. I have had waxing (Back- very painful), massage (the legal kind), and loved the experiences.

There is nothing taboo or to be ashamed of to go to a hair salon that caters to men. In fact, I felt more uncomfortable going into a women’s hair salon.

My favorite person there is Jess. She has been there since the beginning and has always made me feel like a friend and a special customer.

The prices are reasonable and the services delivered are well done. They take their business very very seriously. I hope Knockouts is there for a long time.”
– David T.

“Consistency is key!! I’ve been going to Knockouts for over a year now and have never had a bad experience. I’ve had my hair cut by almost all of the girls and they never disappoint. They are all nice, personable, and easy on the eyes!! I must say the best part has to be the simultaneous scalp massage and hand massage which happens when its not busy. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.”
– Sully
“Knockouts is the only place I know where you can get a really good haircut but never stop feeling like a “real man” even while having your hair done and getting the spa treatment in the manner of a true metrosexual. Big TV screens showing sports events, and magazines for men (i.e., not the People, US Weekly, etc., that you find in a typical upscale salon catering mostly to women) are there for you while you wait for your appointment. And they offer you a free drink as well.
The haircut, shampoo and scalp massage experience is very enjoyable. I myself have been hooked ever since my first encounter here, with the lovely Aly, and have been returning to this place for her ever since. I think it is well worth the money. I am sure the other stylists are excellent too, but adorable Aly is cute, sweet, and just plain wonderful at making you feel good while she efficiently gives you exactly what you need.”
– Steve B.
“Finally a salon for men! Being from out of state I spent a long time searching for a replacement for my NY barbershop. After coming across this location during their grand opening I haven’t gone anywhere since. To some it may be a bit pricey at $32 a cut but the service is great and well worth it. Everyone is always friendly and setting up appointments is easy. The cost of the cut gets you a wash, cut, scalp massage and hot towel treatment. This place is like the ultimate man cave complete with personal flat screen TVs, boxing themes and tool bench work stations for the stylists. Definitely check it out and get a cut by Jess, she does a great job.”
– Matt
“I had been going to the same barber throughout college and for a few years after. I always thought of it as a chore because you needed to be there early unless you wanted to wait and they charged extra for appointments.

Then I went to Knockouts.

The women working there are skilled, personable and friendly. I’m always greeted with a smile and it’s a nice place to go and relax. Melissa, Jess and Aly have all done great jobs cutting my hair and the scalp massages make it worth every penny.

Like I said, I used to think of getting a haircut as a chore, but considering the great job they do at Knockouts, I look forward to every haircut.”
– Matt K.

“Absolutely wonderful. Great service and an excellent haircut! Right when you walk in the door you feel welcome and comfortable. It is a little expensive but worth the extra cash. At first the extra shampoo and hot towel head message seems a little much, but it is actually a nice touch. Treat yourself to a nice haircut at knockouts next time you are thinking about the barbers. Try it out, you will not be disappointed!”
– Jonathon M.
“I’m ruined to getting hair cuts anywhere else. The quality of the haircut and the included shampoo/massage really set this place apart. They are also a full service spa so you can get that massage or mani/pedi. I will keep coming back.”
– John O.
“My teenage boys and husband have gone to Knockouts pretty much since they opened their doors, but Mom has now become a happy client as well! We too purchased the Groupons certificates (be warned – you can only use ONE per person ONCE – and they do check their records). Sarah started at Knockouts 2 weeks ago and was thrilled to have a woman client who had long hair – as you can imagine, all her clients have been men (or teenage boys, and even little boys). She did an incredible job on my hair, took her time blow drying out all of my mane and gave me a lovely hot towel on the face and scalp massage. I did feel a teensy bit odd sitting there with men in the stylist chairs all around me, but darn it, we had a gift certificate and I was going to make sure it was going to get used! They have recently hired a bunch of new staff – a new masseuse, receptionist and at least 2 or more stylists. Try it – you’ll like it, and if you’re female, don’t be afraid – you’ll receive a fabulous haircut and just as much attention as the guys get!”
– Alicia S.
“OK, so I’ve been going to knockouts for about a year now. I won’t go anywhere else. I found out about it, because there was an article in the paper about people who were upset because there was a Knockouts near a Friendly’s (not the one in my town). The complaint seemed to be that there was essentially a Hooters-like place next to a family restaurant. I thought, really? I looked them up on line, and saw that while Knockouts does feature pretty, young women to cut hair and offer massage and other spa-like services, there appeared to be nothing sleazy about the place, so I stopped into the one in my neighborhood to see what it was like.
It’s nice. The place is clean, the staff is young, pretty, and friendly, and totally professional. There is nothing any sane person could complain about. My wife knows I go there, and is not bothered.
If you haven’t tried it you should.
I get just the regular haircut, but that means, a shampoo, cut, shampoo (again), hot face-towel, scalp massage, and often, a complimentary hand massage (mmmmmmm). All for, what, 32 bucks? I add a big tip, especially if I get a hand massage into the bargain.”
– Douglas J.
“If you are avoiding Knockouts because you think it’s cheesy (and Hooters-like), you should lose that perception. As always, Jess gave me a phenomenal haircut. The ladies that work here are professional, bubbly and fun to hang out with.

Here’s a tip… when you hit the chair for the scalp massage, your answer to, “Do you want a hand massage?” should always be, “Yes,” thank you!”
– Matt F.

“Knockouts has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and youre greeted right away as soon as you enter. The girls there are super friendly and very down to earth, no fake-ness. Not only was the haircut EXACTLY how I wanted it, but the convo was great and Stephanie was awesome. Free hand massage and hot towel?? I am never going to another barber shop. Im thinking about going back even when I dont need a haircut, just for the massage.”
– Jonathan P.



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