The Heavyweight®

The undisputed champion of services. Order one up and we’ll get you everything you need to get your head in the game. We’ll look at your options, slide a haircut between two vigorous shampooing sessions and a scalp massage, and finish you off with a killer style.

  1. Consultation
  2. Relaxing Shampoo
  3. Haircut
  4. Re-Shampoo with Scalp Massage & Hot Face Towel
  5. Style
The Uppercut™ (Buzz Cut)

When you need to finish strong in only a few rounds. The Uppercut covers the bare essentials with a clean cut, clean hair, and full scalp massage to ease your mind.

  1. All over Clipper Cut
  2. Shampoo and Scalp Massage
Mustache / Beard Trim

We’ll get your whiskers in order.

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