Features Service of the Month – April 2016

The Beard Trim

beard trim

“It always seemed to me that men wore beards like they wear their neck ties, for show.”-D.H Lawrence

Your beard is an accessory; just like a watch, tie, or cuff links to a suit or outfit. Your beard is the same just an accessory to your face. Have one of our trained professionals here at Knockouts help you tame those unruly beards you have been growing out all winter, freshen up and spring forward with a trimmed beard!


The longer the beard gets the more attention it needs, with length there is a greater chance of:

  • Getting split ends
  • Dryness
  • Itchiness/Irritation
  • Unruly, wiry strands


  • Healthy Growth
  • Fuller Look
  • Trimming means less knots and tangles
  • Trained professionals ensure accuracy, and are able to contour to your face structure
  • Eliminating loose, stray hairs: Cleans and neatens the overall appearance, keeps it in line and up to corporate job standards.
  • Removal of split ends: Caused threw environmental factors such as heat, cold and wind causes hair to become brittle and snap off. The longer you leave the split ends exposed the further down the hair will split. Using a beard oil (Gnarly Sheen by Billy Jealousy, featured product of the month) or Beard balm ( Beard Control by Billy Jealousy) helps provide moisture and nourishment to prevent split ends as well as keep your beard in shape.
  • Beard Fullness: By removing the strays and evening out the surface it looks much fuller and thicker.
  • Contouring to facial structures: trimming your beard in certain ways is positive because everyone’s face structure is different and beards can be contoured depending on what you want to pronounce or eliminate.